HeliMods launches digital engineering pilot program at UQ

HeliMods has this week kicked off a brand new initiative at the University of Queensland (UQ).

UQ is one of the leading universities to recently receive a grant from Siemens, enabling students to access the latest in their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technology suite. As one of the most advanced users of the Siemens PLM tech stack in the country – and passionate advocates of industry-led learning – the HeliMods team has decided to embark on a pro bono mission to share with students our applied knowledge and hands on skills working with this software in a real-world context.

We have collaborated with the brilliant students from UQ Space and the UQ Racing Formula SAE Team to bring together student teams and skilled HeliMods engineers in an immersive 10-week program. Using the Siemens software in a live environment, students are being mentored through hands-on sessions working on their current Rocketry and Formula SAE design challenges. 

This week marked the first of the sessions and a fantastic evening of collaborative and interactive learning. We’re especially proud of the students, who together with us, are dedicating their time outside of their standard university courses to help advance their understanding and skillset in solving complex challenges using industry-leading technology. More to come as we continue throughout the semester.

For more information on how HeliMods is using Siemens technologies click HERE.

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